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McKeenLaw Welcomes You

Experience. Respect. Results.

By working with McKeenLaw, you get more than professional legal representation.  Our priority is helping people with our legal expertise, experience and knowledge.  Specializing in helping injured workers in workers' compensation cases and helping those injured by the negligence of others caused by car accidents, slip and fall cases, etc. 


We further help people who have the stress of being charged with crimes such as robbery, embezzlement, larceny, DUI charges, traffic offenses, assault and battery, violation of protection orders and other criminal charges.  We also help those who are going through the stress of a divorce, or custody and visitation issues, or failure to pay child support. 


We can help relieve some of the stress on your family by drafting wills, advanced medical directives and power of attorneys.  We are here to apply our legal knowledge and expertise to help people in tough times.  Call us!!!


About the Firm

Experienced Excellence

McKeenLaw is a small law firm that operates on the principal of integrity, honesty, and compassion.  At the center of McKeenLaw is Attorney Jean M. McKeen.  She has been practicing law in Virginia for more than 20 years with the steadfast belief that legal services can be used for 

“Helping People in Tough Times” 

The staff at McKeenLaw  understand the challenges and pressure that comes with every case and are here for you, every step of the way.


Dependable, calm, and well spoken, our team of legal professionals add the personal touch our clients deserve whilst approaching each new case with the attention it needs. Get in touch with us today.

Contact us

7196 Chapman Drive
Unit #8
Hayes, Virginia 23072

Phone: 804-530-0788

Fax: 804-530-8565

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