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New July 2021 Virginia Law Changes

July 01, 2021

SB 1336 effective July 1, 2021 permits "unrestricted restricted" drivers' license for conviction of DUI. This allows a person to drive anywhere, such as a grocery store, gas station, movie theatre, soccer game, as long as they have an ignition interlock for one year.  This protects the community insuring sober driving but allows the defendant to drive for ordinary living tasks.  Prior law allowed restricted license only for work, doctors' appointments, church, and probation/VSAP appointments.

Legislature puts burden on Employer to establish injured worker is an independent contractor

July 1, 2021

Work in the construction field and your boss tells you he does not have to pay workers compensation benefits when you got hurt on the job?  Effective July 1, 2021, the legislature amended the statute sending message to employers placing the burden on the employer to establish that the injured workers is an independent contractor.

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