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A Tradition of Caring and Excellence

With McKeenLaw, your case is our priority. Our team is  committed to excellence, and have been successfully representing our clients since 2000. Take a look at our site to find out more.

Reviewing the Law

Our Areas of Expertise

How We Can Help You


Personal Injury Law

Justice for You

We’ve been practicing Personal Injury Law for years, with countless successful cases. Our Virginia clients can count on our Personal Injury Law practice  to manage the legal process as timeously and efficiently as possible.  We will listen to you and recommend medical providers, help you calculate your wage loss, and when ready, either obtain a settlement to recoup your financial losses and obtain pain and suffering compensation or prepare  and try your  case in court.  We are with you for the whole process!!!!

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Social Security Disability Law

Getting you Benefits

Attorney McKeen has been helping disabled people get disability benefits since 2000.  From obtaining medical records to getting medical providers to document the information that will help you get benefits, Attorney McKeen and Legal Assistant Tabatha Hall can help!!!!

Signing a Contract

Wills, Advanced Medical Directives and Power of Attorney

When you need some planning advice

McKeenLaw will listen to what you want to do and help create those documents that will insure your desired plans are met.  We can ask you the questions that need to be asked to determine your goals and advise you of options to accomplish them in a confidential and truly caring manner.  Give us a call now.

Business Meeting

Helping People in Tough Times

Need someone in confidence, we are here and will keep your confidential information sacred so you can feel free to share anything . .

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Criminal Law

Service Subitle

Legal matters can be intimidating and complicated, and down right frightening . .  You or your loved one may be facing jail time, or a possible felony conviction with life long consequences .. which is why it’s crucial to take an informed approach. We can help you or your loved one obtain bond, get the evidence that the Commonwealth intends to utilize against you, review with you the elements that the Commonwealth must prove and prepare for trial involving and informing you all along the way.  You can count on us to obtain the best results!!!! 

Making Notes


Expert Guidance

You’ve decided that you need to make a change?  Or has your spouse told you they need a change?  You may want an uncontested divorce on grounds of irreconcilable differences.  You may have accumulated a lot of assets and can’t agree on the division of these assets.  We are here to review your situation,  your desires, and apply the law to get the best results for you!!!

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Incapacitated Adults

Petitions for Guardianship and Conservatorship

Do you have a loved one that is incapable of caring for themselves?  Are you worried that they can be taken advantage of? We have experience in obtaining guardianship or conservatorship when needed.  We understand that many emotions are involved and the right decision can be hard, but we are here for you to help protect your family and loved ones.  We can file that petition and help guide you with sensitively throughout this process.  Call us and we will be glad to meet with you!

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